Foxwoods Club at Citi Field is a casino food court inside a ballpark

Two weeks ago, during the first week of the baseball season, my friend Peter and I visited Citi Field to watch the New York Mets host the Philadelphia Phillies. As it was April in New York City, the chance of cold weather was possible.

It was cold.

Temperature at first pitch was somewhere in the mid 40s, if we’re being charitable. It dropped considerably as the game continued, and by the seventh inning it had to be below freezing. I know this because I couldn’t feel my toes against the concrete ground despite wearing thick, wool socks.

We were sitting in the Excelsior Level at Citi Field, which is in the 300s in the area behind home plate, then extending along both the first- and third-base lines. The portion behind the plate is the Foxwoods Club, which is also accessible for a score of ballpark patrons but not everybody. But seeing as there wasn’t a security guard at the doors when I visited, at least on ugly weather nights you may have a chance to go inside.

Peter figured there was a miniature version of Foxwoods in this area; there isn’t … unless you consider a miniature version of a Foxwoods food court as a miniature version of Foxwoods. The Foxwoods Club is anchored by a 50-foot bar. You can get a mixed drink here, wine or beer, but the spirit selection isn’t necessarily huge, and beer selection is underwhelming. But the bar setup – bright and white and extending along a slow curve – is nice enough.

In front of the bar is a large dining area with high-top tables and televisions. The chairs and tables are reminiscent of a casino food court, as are the food offerings: small and chewy pizza, nachos where they might run out of half the ingredients (they did for me), and overpriced sausage sandwiches.

The highlight of the Foxwoods Club is the large lounge area, beyond the high tables, with deep leather couches and large coffee tables. Peter and I sat out here before the game, enjoying beer while checking out the view from outside the stadium. The area faces the main entrance to Citi Field, at the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, which includes the Shea Stadium home run apple and the Mets/Willets Point subway station entrance. You can also see Flushing Meadows-Corona Park from the tall lounge windows.

The Foxwoods Club is a glorified food court that gives you an opportunity to stay warm on cold April evenings. It certainly helped me and Peter when we visited the ballpark. But during the summer I couldn’t imagine spending any time here, unless I was meeting a friend for a drink before a game. It’s neat to have a view outside the stadium, and the couches are comfortable. Otherwise, you’re better off waiting in line at Shake Shack for good food.


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